A different corner of Greece full of mansions, colors and aromas

The Old Town of Xanthi magnetizes visitors and leads them where she wants them to go

It’s a crossroads of civilizations. A city that is different from the other cities of Greece. Xanthi the city of museums. Of mansions and churches. A different corner of the country full of colors and aromas. The Old Town is the jewel of Thrace.

The Old Town is built amphitheatrically, in the northern part of the city. Divided into two parts with a natural “border” the river Kosynthos.

Paved alleys and traditional houses are the first images that the visitor faces. Historical, neoclassical buildings and small gardens take you to another era. In the distant 1976, the Old Town was declared a protected settlement. As a result, it maintained its traditional form free of the danger of modern plans.

The period 1830-1845 is considered central to the architecture of the city of Xanthi. It’s the period of building today’s Old Town. The earthquakes of 1829 preceded them. The second phase of reconstruction is estimated to have taken place after 1870.

Walk in the atmospheric narrow streets

One of the most beautiful buildings in the settlement of the Old Town is the Town Hall. Visitors will stop at Hatzidakis’ house (one of the greatest modern Greek composers). In the Italian-styled Stalios mansion and also in the stone-built church of Agios Vlasios. And these are only three of the many buildings that will catch the eye of those who walk through the narrow streets of the city.

Its Folklore Museum is home to a true treasure trove of tradition linked to the city’s historical past. The exhibits and atmosphere reward the visitor. The building itself is a historical testament to the social and economic life of an area that flourished at the beginning of the 20th century.

A beautiful walk is completed with a cup of coffee or some food. In the alleys of Xanthi’s Old Town you can enjoy a drink or have lunch. The city is full of life, and that can’t be hidden.

Tip: You should know that it may take you several days to see all the sights. The beauties of the city and of the wider area are too many. You may regret not having more days to spend in Xanthi. The jewel of Thrace.