Deer is the largest herbivorous animal in Greece. The red one of Parnitha has become the trademark of its national park.

How to get there

You can reach more than a thousand meters of altitude by road, following the Athens Lamia highway at the junction of Metamorphosis and make a left. Reaching the foot of the mountain you have two options . Either you continue with the IX or you take the cable car and leave your vehicle in the parking lot.

The red deer

As soon as I left the car and got into the woods, I saw them. At a minimum distance a herd of the famous red deer of Parnitha. But they stood there, and others coughed with nobility.

The red deer can be found in the mountains of Rodopi but a population of about 600 animals has lived permanently for many years on the highest mountain of the city. It has taken its name from the characteristic brownish-red color of its hair. Proud animals, with delicate bodyand walking like a ballerina, are eye-popping.

It reproduces throughout the area of the park,due to the protection provided by others and because of the peculiarity of the mountain that meets its needs. The likeable tetrapods after the devastating fire of 2007, forced by the instinct of survival, approach more often humans in search of food. That is why we must pay attention, since the deer is not a domestic animal.

The chapel of St. Peter and Paul in Mola, can be a starting point, a finish, or even a stopover for hiking or cycling on the mountain trails. It may still be none of that. Coming here and siting down and empty your head. And if you go without company you won’t stay alone. There’s always a deer will keep you company.

I think you have a good stimulus to plan another escape to Parnitha.