If you’re wondering where there’s a waterfall near the city, the waterfall in Drafi is half an hour from the center and will impress you!

When you see it up close, you won’t believe your eyes. But is there a place like this half an hour from the center of Athens? yes, there’s a waterfall in Drafi. Because it’s of its rare natural beauty, you have to respect it.

How to get there

The journey is not difficult and takes about half an hour. From the center of Athens you will head to Attiki Odos. From there, you will go out on exit 14 to Gerakas – Anthousa. You will meet Kallision Street, which is converted after 500 meters into a highway of Achaeon. What is this ? The waterfall of Drafi Pentelis.

The landscape and waterfall in Drafi

Leave your car on the side of the road and take it on foot. It is about 30 meters of a downhill dirt road to see the spectacular sight. No, you’re not in Edessa or Niagara. You see the waterfall at Drafi Pentelis, one of the secrets of Attica. The descent from the path is not difficult, but it needs attention. in just a few minutes, i found myself in a miracle of nature. You can see it for yourself! Water gargantuans start high from the mountain and in their path make games that for us are miracles of nature. Just 50 meters from the asphalt, a point of untouched nature. Just to hear the water fall from eight meters high .

What to do

The waterfall in Drafi needs reverence and respect. See this place to your home. If you’re in the mood for walking, the Romani that forms the bed of the small stream is very interesting. The residents say it ends up in glika nera. Otherwise, let’s enjoy the sound of water, the smells of bushy plants. If you come all the way here in the summer, take your bathing suit as the waters are offered for a dip. And of course take pictures!